Warehousing Services

Serving Northern California, with locations in Sacramento, Stockton, Livermore, and Hayward


PDC Facilities Offer 1,600,000+ sq ft of Northern California Warehouse Capacity

We receive, disperse, pick/pack, assemble and repackage product for customers in four modern facilities (1,600,000+ sq ft), strategically located throughout the San Francisco Bay Area – all AIB certified and ABC licensed for alcoholic beverage and food handling. We are ISO certified, fully sprinklered and highly secure, with continuous monitoring and systems updates ensuring 24/7 real-time visibility to inventory.

Typically, we handle specific customer business in a single location, tracking, monitoring, moving, managing and reporting cases, cartons, pallets and loads.

In all facilities we provide transloading, packaging, kitting, distribution, fulfillment and a full menu of value-added logistics services for our customers, such as display assembly for major retail customer chains, inspection, testing and sample packaging for shipment, all with serial number and lot control enabled by barcode (RF) scanning at entry and continuous system update through processing.