About Us

Room to Grow

We have grown our business over the years by doing what’s right for our customers, our people and our community.   PDC is proud to have served and grown along with, so many SF Bay Area companies and global leaders over the years. We take the word ‘team’ seriously.

Logistics Leadership

Jere Van Puffelen, President & Co-Founder, PRISM Logistics

Past Chairman of the International Warehousing & Logistics Association (IWLA) and co-founder/past president of the Distribution Centers of America (DCA), Jere is a well-known mentor, advisor and contributor to the industry’s leading professional development organizations, as well as a respected San Francisco Bay Area business leader. He is a founding member and Past President of the SF Bay Area’s WERC Council and the proud owner of one of the rare ‘2 digit’ CSCMP membership numbers! In the past few years, Jere has been recognized by Associated Warehouses, Inc. (AWI) with its Annual Service Award (2013), earned the IWLA’s first ever Executive Warehouse Logistics Professional (EWLP) designation in 2015 and its Distinguished Service & Leadership Award in 2014. Jere is involved now with an innovative CSCMP mentoring pilot, and actively engaged in numerous community support initiatives.

Mike Mayo

Mike Mayo – Vice President and General Manager

Based in Stockton, CA, Mike Mayo is Vice President and General Manager of PRISM Logistics, responsible for all of the company operations. Mike got an early start in the logistics industry, by enrolling in a High School work program at a wholesale food operation.  His in-depth immersion came during his service as a ‘Freight Traffic Specialist,’ for the United States Air Force. He quickly learned that without effective, efficient logistics, the military would grind to a halt. In 1983, after his military service, Mike took a job at a local 3PL company and proved his value and knowledge of the industry, to Jere Van Puffelen and Paul Van de Roovaart, quickly moving up through the ranks to Director of Operations. In 1990 Mike became General Manager for a 3PL in Arkansas. Mike reunited with Jere and Paul in 2000 becoming the Director of Operations for Prism Team Services, later being promoted to Vice President of Operations, and then Vice President and General Manager.  Mike became one of the shareholders of the company when Paul retired in November 2014.

Jeremy Van Puffelen

Jeremy Van Puffelen — Vice President, Business Development

Jeremy Van Puffelen is a Certified Logistics Professional  (CLP), who has learned the logistics business from the ground up: he joined Prism Team Services full time as a lumper and forklift operator in 1997, served for a time with Youth With a Mission (YWAM) in Romania, and returned to a role as warehouse lead, then managed both the office and warehouse from 2001-2007.  During this time of significant growth for PRISM, Jeremy was heavily involved in setting up warehouse operations in acquired and expanding facilities and learning a great deal about running a successful warehouse operation.   In 2007 Jeremy shifted to the sales and marketing side of the business as Business Development Director, a role in which he excelled for 7 years, pioneering new types of services for the company and substantially growing the business.  In the Fall of September of 2014, Jeremy was promoted to Vice President of Business Development and acquired partial ownership of Prism Team Services. He is active in several business organizations and member associations including the IWLA (for who Jeremy co-chairs the Emerging Leaders Group), CSCMP and WERC, where he enjoys networking and learning with industry peers.

Zech Van Puffelen

Zech Van Puffelen — Vice President Transportation and Information Technology (IT)

Zech Van Puffelen was inducted to warehouse logistics early in life:  Weekends and summers away from school filled with sweeping, labelling export boxes, and learning how to drive a forklift created the foundation for Zech’s future.  He’s learned the basics of the business and leveraged an aptitude for technology, change and innovation to help position PRISM Logistics for efficiency now and well into the future.  Over the years, Zech has completed coursework offered by the International Warehousing & Logistics Association (IWLA) and actively learned from a lifetime with one of our industry’s greatest mentors, Jere Van Puffelen, and his network of colleagues, who are the leaders and top practitioners in our competitive, yet friendly industry. From growing PRISM’s Transportation Fleet to taking on new Technology projects, and investing for future service capabilities,  Zech is keeping PRISM on the forefront of service excellence and on the leading edge of customers’ requirements in an ever-evolving, real time world.