Customer Service

Dedicated CSR for Your Account

Dedicated CSR

Each of our facilities has a Customer Service leader with a team of customer service representatives (CSR)s, dedicated to the customer accounts served in that facility. We think that hands-on presence and on-site availability is important.

Even in the paperless and fully automated warehouses we operate, we believe that it is beneficial to have the CSR on site with the product they handle to provide that real “hands on” service that is needed. When there is a special need, or unusual requirement, the team onsite is ready and able to take care of it.

PDC Logistics’ CSR’s are Committed to Excellence

Customer_Service_Checked_ExcellentIt’s the commitment to service excellence and continuous improvement in each and every one of our people that has built PDC Logistics’ reputation for integrity and quality service over the years.

Our people work to become an integral part of customer teams, and are so good at it, that customer colleagues are sometimes surprised to learn they’re not their employees!

Skilled individuals working in tandem as a team builds business success for all of us.