Warehousing Systems that Save Time and Money

Advanced Technology

State-of-the-Art Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Highly Automated Operations

Technology Investment is About Serving You the Information You need
PDC has significantly invested in technology and systems since 2007

We’ve transformed PDC facilities by investing in technology and systems since 2007, leap-frogging industry ‘standard’ levels, to achieve ‘leading edge’ efficiency and effectiveness for the highly demanding, high-value customers we serve.

PDC Logistics boasts state-of-the-art warehouse management systems (WMS), and a highly automated radio frequency enabled processing system that essentially creates a paperless warehouse.

Your Orders are Visible 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week

PDC customers have 24/7 visibility to inventory through a customized portal we created to enable continual refreshing of data for real-time tracking and reporting to desired spec.

Forklifts and hand-held scanners leverage radio frequency (RF) technology for efficient inbound data capture, pick/pack status and a bevy of attendant information for all inventory on hand or in process.

For PDC technology is all about improving customer service
For PDC technology is all about improving customer service

For PDC, systems are about enabling better Customer Service.  We are committed to creating the level of technology interchange that best suits your operation and your team.

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is an excellent means to that end. We excel at EDI and have invested in bringing our customers up quickly, to a level of interchange custom-tailored to needs. We have a tech team and power users in-house, who’ve grown together in relationship rare in this industry – all geared to serving you.
  • We can accept your information in ANSIX12 standard or any other consistently supplied electronic format from you. You supply your data in whatever, consistent flat file format you prefer (e.g. Excel); we accept and map the data, to create customized formats required at our end. And we’ll re-map as you require, so that reports back to you are in the format and form you require.
  • PDC can provide direct customer access to our system, 24/7 so you can look at inventory, order status, trace orders, run historical reports or download Excel files of inventory via the web access module we have developed.
  • Want an auto-email to alert you to our receipt of a shipment? No problem.
  • For an outbound shipment, the driver signs out electronically and triggers an auto-email to you to confirm your outbound shipment, and generates an emailed signed copy of the Bill of Lading.
Alerts, tracking and reporting as you prefer to receive it
Alerts, tracking and reporting as you prefer to receive it

Technology to Serve You the Right Information

Your goods and information pertaining to their status is reported to you in a real-time environment, with information being automatically sent to you throughout the day as transactions are completed. Billing is done at night, after hours, when handling is complete, and electronically sent to you.